OMR Sheet Printing


In 2004 we started our business as Asif Akas Enterprises Press and now in 2016 the Osys Technologies is a new Business concern of Asif Akas Enterprises Press. At our print shop we have a very latest and up-to-date machinery, Highly Experienced and Technically Qualified staff, which are working with us in a very safe and secure atmosphere since last several Years. We have management systems for every process of printing to ensure secrecy, efficiency, reliability, accuracy and on time delivery. We have quality control section to ensure the quality of printed material prior to delivery. The entire system works under strict security and zero tolerance management policy.

At Osys Technologies, we can provide special OMR sheets for each student having a unique CANDIDATE ID, BAR-CODE & PHOTO OF THE CANDIDATE.



Bespoke Software Development or Tailor-Made Software


Bespoke software is software that is tailor made for a client. It’s an exact fit with the client’s requirements with no compromises that are built into ‘Off the Shelf’ software.

Osys Technologies can develop software for working exactly at the client’s requirements. Bespoke software can be based on current working methodology which your staff is already using and to reduce training costs.

At Osys Technologies, we develop software solutions that are as accurate as possible and able to produce reliable, trusted and secure outputs.


Software Customization


At Osys Technologies we have facilities to customize software according to specifications and demands of our respected customers. Majority of Software provided by Osys are customizable because software is product of Osys or Osys is an authorized distributor for it.


System Engineering


At Osys Technologies We have methodical, disciplined approach for the design, realization, technical management, operations, and retirement of a system.  For this “system” we Construct and collect different elements that together produce results not obtainable by the elements alone.


Computerized Data Extraction


At Osys Technologies, we have facilities to extract any kind of Data like: OMR (Optical Mark Recognition), OCR (Optical Character Recognition), ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition), BCR 1D (Linear Bar-Code or One Dimensional) and BCR 2D (Two Dimensional & QR codes).


Project Management/Consultants


At Osys Technologies, We have a team of experienced Project Managers which are keen to lookup for their projects. We assign a project manager for a project and for any other project there is another project manager (One project manager for one project only, at a time).


Capacity Building & Training


Capacity building means planned development and increase an organization capacity through technology and training.

At Osys Technologies, we arrange seminars, meetings, conferences and training sessions to enhance the capacity of staff of any national and multi-national institutions and train them how to enter into The Digital World.


Outsourcing Scanning


We at Osys Technologies can scan any image of any size. Documents that were once difficult to locate can now be found from your desktop, every time. The various documents which can be converted to any digital image format are: text based documents, numeric-based documents, forms based documents, image based documents, mixed format document, document scanning into TIF, document scanning into PDF, document scanning into JPG, document scanning into GIF, document scanning into BMP. The benefits gained from our low cost scanning services are increased productivity, performance and profits. Quick benefits of scanning the data reduce the total document management expense while increasing profits by optimizing their business processes. Through our affordable, large amount of data and storing it globally on the server has become easy and our clients achieve a quick and measurable return-on-investment.

Different procedures and document types require different scanners and types of digital recognition software. For example, We have book scanners for capturing data from books, high volume scanners for capturing large volumes of office files and documents, desktop scanners for everyday paperwork.

Optical character recognition (OCR) software can recognize text and/or symbols for example, output a scanned spreadsheet as a fully-editable Excel file. Document management software stores and organizes digitized documents. This software allows for complete control over the storage of digital assets and enables quick and easy searches for documents and specific data from the scanned document repository.