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Question Item Bank


“Question Item Bank includes the extremely user friendly tools and the cutting edge technology to make test paper creation fast, easy and more effective”

Software Feautres


Question Item Bank includes the extremely user friendly tools and the cutting edge technology to make test paper creation fast, easy and more effective.

Associate questions with test/exam objectives so you can more easily determine targeted student knowledge. By importing test/examination data, you can track statistical information for each question including item analysis, response frequency, discrimination levels and degree of difficulty.

Unlimited Item Banks & Unlimited Number of Questions

Users can create unlimited item banks, each with unlimited questions with variety of question types.


Multi Language Support for English, Arabic, Urdu and Persian

Software supports multi-language data entry and multi-lingual question papers accordingly. One question can have question text and answer text in English, Arabic, Urdu and Persian at the same time. This feature help producing question papers in multiple languages either as a question paper in one language or in multiple languages in the form of translated question/answer text.










Supports a Variety of Question Types

A variety of question types can be created using the Question Item Bank Software. True/False, Yes/No, Multiple-Choice, Multi-Select (where respondent can select more than one from the available options) Fill-In-Matching, Essay (short-text or long-text) and OSCE/OSPE (objective structured clinical/practitioner exams) are supported.



Multiple Versions of Question Item and Creating a New Question by Inheriting an existing one

Users can create multiple versions of the same question. Again, There is no limit on the number of versions created on a single question item. On other hand, user can create a new Question by inheriting an existing question with option to inherit all or selected properties of the parent question.  In simple words, an existing question can be used as template to create a new question.


Creation of different versions of a Question/Test Paper 

Users can create multiple versions of the same question paper, means Questions will be same and Sequence of each Question in each Version will be Different, and Answer Key will also be changed and software will manage Answer Keys of all Versions. This process can be adopted to avoid cheating.



Question Paper Generator (Manual and Random)

The Question Item Bank supports generating question papers using an wizard where user specify certain criteria and our sophisticated algorithm automatically generates question paper on a single click. If preferred, user can also generate question papers manually by browsing the categories and adding questions by drag and drop on the question paper. System supports randomizing an existing question paper and creating different versions of the same question paper.


Printing Question Papers with Variety of Formats and Options

The Question Item Bank offers a variety of templates to control the format for printing the question paper. The user can also define header & Footer for the question paper. If applicable, the user will be able to print evaluator copy of the question paper with answers keys or marking guidelines are printed to help then carry on stress-free marking.



Question Wise

Question Wise


Question Statistical Reports based on Historical Data

The system maintains question usage history data which is used to produce comprehensive set of statistical analysis reports are available with Mean Score, 33% or 25% item discrimination value, Facility, Difficulty, Point-Bi-Serial, Correlation coefficient and response frequency etc. System allow importing test results to further enhance the statistical analysis. The Question statistical data is used for generating the new question papers so that every new exam is better in quality in comparison to the previous one.


A Comprehensive Audit Trail of Data Entry and System User Activities

Human Error is an undeniable factor during Data Manipulation by the users during or after initial Data Entry. Our solution facilitates the managers to investigate any issue with valuable question items data. A detailed audit-trial can be produced on a single click listing all the operations performed on the question (s). This can also be used to monitor the performance of data entry staff.


Question Data Import and Export from/to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word or XML format

The Question Item Bank is able to import external data from MS Excel, MS Word and XML etc (However, external data files must be formatted accordingly prior successful data import). System will be capable of exporting data in all the above mentioned file formats. XML question data is extremely portable and is a valuable resource for online publishing purposes.



Define User Roles and Manages Access Rights to Restrict or Allow System Features 

The Question Item Bank has enforced strict user access rights. The administrator can create and manage system users and can define and allocate rights for the standard users. A standard system user can only interact with the allowed system functions and data, For example, User X can only work with Physics and Mathematics questions with Add and Edit functions and cannot Delete any question.


Export Answer Key

The Question Item Bank has been Designed to produce Correct Answer Keys of Every Version of Question Paper Generated (No need to fill Correct Answers on OMR Response Sheet).

Answer Key



Question Paper Export

The Question Item Bank can Export Question Paper in Multiple Formats (i.e MS Word Document, MS Excel & PDF etc) & different Layouts like standard layout single column/multi-columns, single/Bi-lingual.